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Sand Art Tub w/ Lid $3.25

Holds Approximately 14 lbs of Sand.

Perfect for larger events. Tubs are easy to store and transport.

The tubs are clear plastic so you can see the colored sand inside.

*** Sand Art Tubs Are Made In America***


Quantity Price

    Sand Art Tub w/ Lid $3.25 each

    Approximately 14 lbs of Sand will fill this Sand Art Tub. If you are having a small event, you might want to get smaller bowls.

    We are always asked...."Is Sand Art Messy"? Ice Cream Sundaes are a mess, but Sand is easily swept up. Libraries, Museums, and Country Clubs have done Sand Art inside. As parents, we would much rather the kids have fun with Sand Art than to feed them cake and ice cream.

    1. Make setting up events a snap!

      Posted by Monica - AR on Nov 30th 2016

      These are crucial to setting up and storing your event if you plan on having leftovers (the larger starter kits for example). One tub per color and lay them out on a table and you're off and rolling! Afterwards, just snap on the lid and stack them away until next time, add more sand to fill and you're off to the races again! Can't be simpler!

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