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Squeeze Bottle

  • Sand Art Squeeze Bottle
  • Squeeze Bottle for Sand Art
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Plastic Squeeze Bottle

$1.50 each - FREE SHIPPING!

Holds 1 lb of Sand

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    Plastic Squeeze Bottle
    $1.50 Each - FREE SHIPPING!

    Each Squeeze Bottle will hold 1 lb. of Colored Sand.

    There are 2 methods on how to do Sand Art. #1 - Use a funnel in the top of your bottle and spoon in Colored Sand. #2 Have the Sand in a Squeeze Bottle. You will not need a funnel for this method.

    If using Squeeze Bottles for a large event, have several bottles full of each color of Sand. The more bottles you have out and ready, the smoother your event will run.

    We are often asked which method is better for Sand Art. Both ways are equally efficient. However, we believe having the Colored Sand in tubs is more hands on. Kids seem to enjoy touching, feeling, and spooning the beautiful colors into their bottles.

    Sand Art is a fun activity for all ages. Call the Sand Art Experts: 1-800-697-SAND
    Specializing in Colored Sand & Sand Art Supplies.

    1. Squeeze Bottles

      Posted by Unknown on Oct 24th 2016

      These squeeze bottles were perfect for our group of 3 year old's to use for sand art. Little hands had no trouble holding the bottles. Clean-up was a breeze.

    2. No mess = happy parents!

      Posted by Kristen on Oct 19th 2016

      These are essential for making your event cleanup much easier. Would highly reccomend for a party with rambunctious kids as it keeps all the sand needed sealed.

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