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24ct. #7 Natural Tapered Corks Enclosure. These are great for medium to large sand art bottles.

The Top Diameter is 13/16in    The Bottom Diameter is 5/8in

Great for sealing sand art bottles and other crafts.

These are medium to large sized natural corks for medium to large openings.


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    24ct. #7 Natural Tapered Cork Enclosure. These are great for medium sand art bottles or other bottles. These corks fit in most 12oz soda or beer bottles. They are medium sized corks for medium openings. FREE SHIPPING!

    Sold in lots of 24.

    Top Diameter 13/16in Bottom Diameter 5/8in

    1. Sand Art Corks

      Posted by R. Greenwell / NY, NY on Jul 31st 2018

      Needed corks to fill my coke bottles for my sand art booth. Thanks for giving me a better price since I needed 2,000 corks.

    2. Can be used for SO MUCH!

      Posted by Rhonda - PA on Mar 9th 2018

      I keep a variety of these at my house in a drawer to use in a variety of projects! It makes almost anything that requires a cap or plug look more interesting!

    3. Perfect finishing touch for ANY bottle!

      Posted by Holly - KY on Jun 30th 2017

      If you have a project that requires you to plug a hole there is DEFINITELY a size of cork that can make that happen! Looks amazing as compared to an ordinary "cap" or plug.

    4. Cork #7

      Posted by Unknown on Oct 24th 2016

      We buy these corks to use in Coke bottles and they are the perfect size. We are able to buy these in bulk which is very convenient.

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