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Deluxe Sand Art Plastic Funnel
$1.69 each - FREE SHIPPING!

Use this Sand Art Funnel for Large Bottles.

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    Deluxe Sand Art Funnel $1.69 ea - FREE SHIPPING!

    Layering Colored Sand into the bottles is easier with a funnel. Stick a funnel in the top of your Sand Art Bottle and spoon in each color of Sand.

    The same funnel stays in the bottle while each color is layered in the Sand Art Masterpiece. Do not put a funnel in each color. This requires more time and is not the most efficient way.

    Sand Art is a perfect activity for all ages. Call the Sand Art Experts: Specializing in Colored Sand & Sand Art Supplies for over 18 years. 1-800-697-SAND

    1. A great idea to have!

      Posted by Mary - RI on Feb 11th 2019

      Are these necessary, absolutely not, but they are SO NICE to have on hand as they make the placement of the sand in the bottle MUCH easier if you are trying to make layered designs other than a straight across line! I don't want to set up a show without them anymore now that I have used them!

    2. Sand Art Funnels

      Posted by S. Brown, TN on Dec 12th 2018

      Excellent suggestion from your staff about the funnels. It was definitely easier getting the sand in the bottles using the funnels.

    3. Funnels

      Posted by Unknown on Nov 7th 2017

      This size funnel worked great for the large bottles we ordered. Thanks for recommending them.

    4. Hard to find

      Posted by George, Macon GA on Jun 29th 2017

      These deluxe funnels are like hens teeth to find, online or in the store. When you do find funnels they usually come in packs of different sizes. A bunch of junk you don't need.

    5. Simplifies the process!

      Posted by Amanda on Oct 19th 2016

      The second go around with hosting a colored sand party with my children and they're friends. we ordered these to try them out and would not go without them! They make it so much easier to control the design of the sand in the bottle

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