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Shell Sand Art Necklace 12 ct w/ Cords
Sand Usage: 3 oz ea   2 1/2" Tall 


1 - 5 Dozen: $10.89 dz. 
6 - 11 Dozen: $9.89 dz. 
12+ Dozen: $8.89 dz.
Sand Art Necklaces Are Only Sold By The Dozen! (All 12 are the same shape.)

Quantity Price

    Shell Sand Art Necklace w/ Neon Cords - 12 ct.
    Sand Usage: 3 oz each
    2 1/2" Tall

    Cords Included - Colors May Vary
    Sold by the dozen only!


    1 - 5 Dozen: $10.89 dz.
    6 - 11 Dozen: $9.89 dz.
    12+ Dozen: $8.89 dz.

    YES ! You can mix and match different types of Sand Art Necklaces for quantity discounts.

    Necklaces are bagged in 12 ct. bags of the same type. Great for any beach themed event!

    Other Sand Art Necklaces Available: Shell, Dolphin, Bear, Puppy, Smile, Cross, Pumpkin, Dinosaur, Star, Easter Egg, Cowboy Boot, Heart, Owl.

    Sand Art Necklaces are the smallest Sand Art bottles that we carry. They are MADE IN CHINA novelty trinket items. Great giveaways, but not good for earning profits. Check out our Party Pack Sand Art Bottles if you are having a fundraiser.

    1. Perfect for the beach experience.

      Posted by Unknown on Jun 19th 2019

      Gotta love shells and sand art. Why not include both and you are basically at the beach; and who doesn't love the beach.

    2. Perfect for my beach tourist customers!

      Posted by Eric - california on Nov 23rd 2016

      I have a shop on the beach that sells trinkets and these are fantastic for the kids and parents who are coming right off the beach and have no place to hold/carry anything BUT with these they can just wear them out of the store! They can't wait to show their friends when they leave and they are jealous!

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