Metal Spoons 12 ct.

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Metal Spoons For Sand Art
$5.00 Per Dozen - FREE SHIPPING

Static Electricity can be an issue in certain climates. Plastic spoons can hold static electricity and transfer  it to your bottle. The metal spoons won't break. Using metal spoons will help protect your Sand Art Designs.

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    Metal Spoons

    $5.00 per dozen - FREE SHIPPING!

    Plastic spoons will work perfectly fine making Sand Art. However, if you are running a Sand Art Booth for profit, you may want to invest in metal spoons. Static Electricity can be a problem in certain climates. Static makes your Sand Art designs smudge.

    1. Metal spoons for sand art

      Posted by Michelle Brown on Nov 7th 2017

      We sell sand art on a regular basis and these metal spoons work for us so much better than the plastic ones.

    2. Adds a nice touch of class to your table!

      Posted by James - NE on Nov 30th 2016

      These are nice to have for the people that are going to be setting up events week after week. Yes the plastic spoons provided with kits do the job, however, the look of the metal spoons look better in my opinion and are more likely to survive the show and be used at future shows!

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