Blue Ivy Blue Sand

Recently, was contacted by someone about a large amount of colored sand. Specifically blue sand. Since we have previously provided the Smurf's franchise blue sand for their last movies' New York opening we thought it might be them again. Nope, they needed enough blue sand to have a rodeo on. They were on a time crunch so we have to have 8 thousand pounds of blue colored sand sent dedicated freight. Straight across the country from Florida to California.That was no small logistical task during a pandemic. Well we sure are happy with the results. Of course we had to nose around to find out what it was for. We couldn't tell you until now. Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy have a clothing line with Addidas called Rodeo. Their commercial is a PERFECT use for our sand. We say it all the time that there is an endless amount of uses for our colored sand. We mean it.