Sand Art Birds

    Sand art is so much more than just layering different colors. With just a little practice you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. One of the most common questions asked when someone is creating a scenery out of sand is how to make birds. It is actually easier than most of the other things you will be making in a scenery.

   Start with a wide container, this is the secret! If you are trying to make a scene in that old glass Coke bottle, well good luck. I used a glass bowl for this project. You only need a few items that are readily available in your home. A wide container, several different sized spoons, a skewer or other pointy object, and colored sand that we got from 

    First you pour in the base color. I used green, for grass of course. Next I made a small black mountain. You can use any color for this.

   Next choose your sky color. I used the sky blue color. Spoon in that color until you reach the level where you want your bird. ( If you want to add depth to the scene be sure and make the birds different sizes.) Once you reach that spot add in a very small amount of the color you chose for your bird. I picked white for mine.

  The next step is actually making the bird. Take your skewer, or whatever thin pointed object you found, and gently place it against the side of the container just above the middle of the bird color. 

     Gently move the point down along the side of your container and stop once you see you have made the bird's body long enough.

    Now for the hardest part. Okay it's really the easiest. Move the end of your tool in towards the center of the container. Do it slowly. Now you can lift it out of the sand. If you aren't going to add any more birds than you can  go ahead and put in the rest of the colored sand for your sky.

     Now for the best part of all. When your friends come over they will ask you how in the world you did that. Tell them it took you at least 3 weeks of hard tedious work. Tell them you used magnifying goggles and tools Dr's use in surgery. They will never know it took you less than 30 seconds. Congratulations on mastering one of the hardest ( I mean easiest) aspects of making a sand art scenery!