Walking Dead Sand

Walking Dead Sand

Ok, if you are the least bit squeamish then DO NOT read this article. It contains pictures of zombies. The zombies are pretty gross for sure. However, it also contains some pretty cool pictures of one of our products. So the choice is yours!


In July of 2014 we received a call asking about our black sand. The customer ordered an entire pallet. 2,000 pounds of dark black colored sand. Well anytime we get a specific order like that we get curious. After a little talk we found out that the black sand was going to be used on an episode of "The Walking Dead". Most of us here are HUGE fans of the show so we were excited. Believe me we tried to find out all the details but the only answer we got was "You will just have to watch." So we did. Man did we pay attention.

black colored sand for the walking dead

All of our faithful and dedicated attention to the show finally paid off on November 23rd 2014. The episode "Crossed" contained a rather gruesome scene where we saw Daryl, one of the Sand Blast ladies favorites, rolling around on a black sandy looking ground fighting a few zombies and living bad guys. That was it we finally found out what the show had used our sand for. Needless to say we were excited.


Oh my! Get a broom!


That black sand looks familiar!

Rick says to Daryl "Your shirt is filthy!"


Well there you have it. When we say our colored sand has almost endless uses..... we mean it! From decorations, to sand art, aquariums, music videos, to television and movie props. There are endless uses for colored sand from Sand Blast Entertainment!